Friday, November 16, 2012

Your Heartburn Treatment, A Good Fitness Fit

Does heartburn ѕomеtіmes distract уоu and make you a bit worried? Are уоu dоіng all уоu саn dо to treat yоur heartburn? Heartburn, aѕ ѕеrіоus as it mау be, оftеn doesn't rate a cure until it gеts vеrу painful.
Even though thіѕ іѕ usually an easy cure, mаnу dоn't realize that bу ignoring it they аre treating theіr body worse than thеy treat thеіr car.

Putting fitness іntо gear сan bе а big step, ѕіnсe manу may not ѕee thе connection wіth heartburn treatment. But іt is essential fоr good health insurance - nоt the kind уou buy but the kind уour body nееds to keеp tuned up in old age.

You don't want worn оut knees bеfоre yоur time. And you don't nеed to. The ѕamе healthy string beans that уou eat tо neutralize an acidic meal. are thе ѕаme calcium source thаt thаt your knees will bе lookіng for a couple оf decades dоwn thе road.

Aside frоm healthy knees and heartburn therе arе benefits that mау nоt bе apparent for decades. It сan tаkе a long time to build healthy bones or fоr diabetes, osteoporosis аnd high cholesterol to show up.

And for thаt calcium to dо уоur bones anу good it needѕ sunshine and low impact exercise, lіkе walking, to make it happen. So the pieces do fit together, аs you cаn see. Treat the heartburn nоw аnd gain added benefit dоwn the road.

Did уоu know that а spring іn your step сan put а dent іn your heartburn? A brisk walk, enough to boost metabolism аnd strengthen thе heart, сan hеlр yоu digest yоur dinner faster and mоrе efficiently?

Putting thе rіght diet wіth a heartburn treatment plan can hаvе a big impact. Plant foods whісh аre high іn essential minerals play а big part іn treating stomach acids caused bу processed foods and hard to digest animal products. Follow a plan fоr eliminating heartburn naturally аnd you cаn hаve a big advantage whеn it соmeѕ to good health. It's а simple plan thаt shifts the emphasis tо awareness оf hоw а heartburn treatment gives уоu a natural tune up.

What happеns whеn уоu add fitness tо а heartburn treatment?

Fitness іs а good term bесauѕe it suggest а positive change. Building good fitness boosts metabolism ѕо thаt evеrуthіng the body needs, gets done faster аnd mоre efficiently. When thе body is іn tune іt сan digest food quicker. More harmful acids and chemicals are expelled from thе body, rаthеr than stored аѕ fat. Add tо thаt the body pumping morе blood to thе brain, the list gоеѕ on.

Do yоu care enough аbout уоur body tо make change? You саn make this work for уou bу exploring ways tо gеt good muscle tone and cardio-vascular strength. To energizer yоur heartburn treatment takе thе initiative. It takes regular exercise аnd the rіght foods. Start today, building thе advantage wіth thеse simple tо do suggestions to cure yоur heartburn.

Building fitness leads to mаnу good things. Draw іn уour friends to share іn а fitness get together. It's a good step tоward а heartburn treatment and long term health.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Maintain Liver Organ To stay healthy

LIVER is an organ that is involved in maintaining a healthy body. These organs filter the blood work from the gastrointestinal tract, before passing the blood throughout the body. In addition, the organ is also mematobolisme detoxify chemicals and drugs.

Considering the importance of the function of the liver, it helps maintain heart health in a sustainable manner. How ? Here are some steps that can be your guide:
Do not eat when not hungry

Most people are accustomed to eating three meals a day at regular hours, regardless they are hungry or not. It would be better if you adjust your eating habits with hunger. If you used to eat when not hungry on a regular basis, your heart will work harder and will basically wear faster.

Increase consumption of filtered water

Water helps cleanse the liver and kidneys to help lose weight. Frequently drink small amounts of water to prevent shrinkage of the body's cells. People who consume less water higher risk of dementia.

Avoid consumption of large amounts of sugar

Try to limit your intake of sugar, especially refined sugars. Because the liver will convert sugar into fat and cholesterol. Fat can lead to organ damage. In addition, the fat will be taken to areas such as thighs, buttocks and stomach to be stored. In the end, triglyceride levels become too high. Elevated levels of triglycerides associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels).

Try to avoid artificial sweeteners

This sweetener is toxic to the liver and can cause hypoglycemia and fatigue. If you have to eat something sweet, choose fresh fruit, fruit that has been dried or honey.

Chew food slowly

Be sure to chew food slowly and until smooth. Because digestion begins when food fused with saliva in the mouth. With aging, the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is often not enough to digest protein efficiently. This can be relieved by drinking a small glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar when eating foods that contain protein.

Note gut health
Liver must filter and destroy bacteria and viruses that exist in the food. Too many nasty organisms, such as salmonella or shigella bacteria, it will make you sick and trigger permanent liver damage. To reduce this risk, make sure to consume only fresh foods and avoid heating food repeatedly. Never reheat food more than once. Also, do not forget to wash your hands before eating.

Do not eat when stressed or anxious
In times of stress or anxiety, blood flow diverted from the intestine and liver to other body areas.

Avoid constipation

Avoid constipation (constipation) in a way to increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink water throughout the day. By avoiding constipation, you can prevent the grow

11 How to Make Heart Healthy Always

Heart Federation World (World Heart Federation / WHF) estimates of cardiovascular disease will be the leading cause of death in Asia in 2010. Therefore, having a healthy heart is key to healthy living.

Actually not difficult to have a healthy heart and avoid the risk of the deadly disease. Cardiologist, Dr DS Gambhir shares tips for maintaining a healthy heart, which was quoted by the Times of India.

1. Eating nuts, about 25 grams of walnuts and peanuts because it can help lower cholesterol and rich in protein.

2. Eating foods rich in protein, such as fish. Fatty acids found in fish prevents the formation of blood clots.

3. Drinking statin 10 mg tablet daily in the evening (especially for those aged over 40 years and especially diabetics), this practice helps to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack.

4. Perform general check-up after the age of 25, let alone have a family history of heart disease cases.

5. Avoid extreme weather. In cold weather makes the blood pressure soaring blood vessels so as to encourage a heart attack.

6. Meditation. This has a direct impact on a person's blood pressure, these measures can provide a significant reduction in blood pressure levels and is key to a healthy heart.

7. Starting today, take a spoonful of honey. It can reduce the cholesterol in the arteries and prevent heart attacks.

8. Walking on dew with bare feet. Walking restore a sense of balance and bring peace of mind, because it is good for the heart.

9. Maintaining oral hygiene. Research shows, gingivitis may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke because of the high levels of bacteria found in the mouth of an infected person.

10. Brisk walking for at least 30 minutes in the morning, because it reduces the pollution that affects the heart, which are more likely to do during the evening hours.

11. Listening to soft music, gurbani, sholkas, and so on, because it has a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure to maintain a healthy heart.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 Common Causes of Joint Pain

There are so many reasons why joints ache. Joint pain can be a symptom of a single or a part of many other symptoms that you are experiencing. Manifestation of joint pain can vary, such as tenderness or discomfort when touched, swelling, inflammation, stiffness, or limitation of motion. Pain in the joints of course a symptom of the real problem. If there are other symptoms such as severe headaches, abdominal pain, fever, or chills, you need to look at all the symptoms to determine the cause. Here are 5 common causes of joint pain that is not caused by injury:

1. Rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis)

Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic joint pain. Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not a typical disease of old age. Young people can also be affected by arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by autoimmune destruction so that the body produces substances that cause inflammation, especially in the joints. Favorite body part attacked is finger and toe joints and spine. Attacks of inflammation and swelling of arthritis makes the joint membrane and gradually destroys the joint capsule, and then the tendon. The consequences in the end is the bone deformation and movement restrictions.

2. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease (primarily affects those aged over 45 years). In osteoarthritis, joint pain, but does not start with inflammation. The pain is usually felt when lifting weights and the initial movement of the resting position. The reason for the aging and continuous use. Cartilage that covers the bone articular wear by friction gradually. Risk especially in the hips, knees, hands, feet, and spine.

3. Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis other. This condition primarily causes pain and inflammation of the joints of the spine and pelvis, although other joints can be involved as well. Symptoms experienced during sleep, after waking up or after an interval of inactivity. In severe cases, ankylosing spondylitis can cause spinal fusion, causing bending, known as kyphosis. Severity varies, and not all patients have spinal fusion. Some may only experience back pain or hip sporadically. As well as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis is an autoimmune disease decreased.

4. Psoriatic Arthritis

Arthritis is the side effects of psoriasis. Painful swelling can occur in any joint, especially the knuckles, wrists, knees, collarbone, ankle and lower back. Symptoms usually accompanied by skin problems. Approximately 30-40% of people with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis symptoms, though often undiagnosed, especially if symptoms are mild. Psoriatic arthritis usually occurs between 30-50 years of age, but can occur at any age and affects both men and women.

5. Gout (uric acid)

If the pain is sharp around the vertebra and ankle, it might be gout. Gout is the result of high uric acid levels in the blood. Joint pain accompanied by swelling, redness and warmth.

In addition to the above five conditions, lupus and infectious diseases such as rheumatic fever, mumps, chicken pox, hepatitis, and influenza can also cause joint pain.

8 Danger of Smoking The Compulsory Unknown

Smoking harmful to almost any organ of the body, causing many diseases and affecting the health of smokers in general. When you quit smoking, you can feel the benefits immediately and long term, for both you and the people you love.

The magnitude of the dangers of smoking in fact it is not recognized by the smoker, because on every pack of cigarettes are now mandatory government warning that reads: "SMOKING CAN CAUSE CANCER, HEART ATTACK, impotence, AND DISORDERS PREGNANCY AND FETUS." However, often the strong dependence on cigarettes make people not want to stop sucking it, until it was too late: when you are sentenced to suffer any disease.

  • Smoking causes about 90% of lung cancer deaths in men and 80% in women. The risk of death from lung cancer 23 times higher in male smokers and 13 times higher in female smokers than in those who never smoked. Research indicating that non-smokers who live with a smoker have a 24% higher risk of developing lung cancer than non-smokers in general.
  • Smoking also causes cancer of the bladder, oral cavity, pharynx, vocal cords, esopagus, cervix, kidney, pancreas and stomach.

Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels

  • Smoking causes coronary heart disease, which is one cause of death in Indonesia. Smokers have 2-4 times higher chance of developing coronary heart disease than nonsmokers.
  • Smokers have twice the risk of stroke more
  • Smoking reduces blood circulation due to narrowed arteries. Therefore, smokers are 10 times more likely to vascular disease, including erectile dysfunction / impotence.
  • Smoking causes abdominal aortic anurisma (local dilation of blood vessels in the abdominal aorta). The risk of dying from this disease higher among smokers when blood vessels ruptured (broken).

Respiratory Disorders

  • Smoking increases the risk of death due to chronic lung disease up to ten-fold. Approximately 90% of deaths due to chronic lung disease caused by smoking.

Impaired Fetal

  • Smoking is bad for reproductive health and the fetus in the womb, including infertility (sterility), miscarriage, fetal death, low birth weight is, and sudden infant death syndrome.

How Does Smoking Damage the Body?
  • Nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds after the cigarettes smoked, and then spread throughout the body via the blood circulation, including the Mother's Milk.
  • Carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, reducing their function in delivering oxygen in full.
  • These elements cause cancer (carcinogens) in tobacco damage important genes that control cell growth, so that cells grow abnormally fast or growing terlau.
  • Elements of carcinogens called benzopiren bind to cells in the respiratory tract and other vital organs of smokers causing cancer.

5 Diseases Caused By Animals

5 Diseases Caused By Animals are as follows:

1. Trypanosomiasis (Tse Tse Flies)

The first disease that is caused by an animal, Trypanosomiasis. The disease is usually found in the African continent. Trypanosomiasis outbreak in humans is due to an insect bite. Trypanosomiasis is spread animal, tse-tse flies that had previously been bitten livestock population is dead.

The initial symptoms of this disease ie, fever, headache, and pain in the joints, swollen lymph glands, anemia and kidney disease. Patients then underwent changes in the sleep cycle, which always feel sleepy during the day and insomnia at night. If not treated seriously, the patient will experience nervous system damage, coma, and even lead to death.

Patients with this disease are mostly in Africa, according to the medical study center in Africa, the toll has reached 50 thousand to 70 thousand people. If you've contracted the disease, could further spread of genetically from mother to child, or from a blood transfusion.

2. Anthrax (Beef & Lamb)

The subsequent anthrax disease, or commonly known as foot and mouth disease, because the main characteristic of the damage seen two members of the body. The cause of anthrax is the bacterium Bacillus antrhracis normally carried cattle, goats and sheep.

Bacteria that live in the soil was attacked animals by infection through the skin pores and damage nails animals. In its spread in humans, usually happens after we engage in direct contact with animals anthrax patients.

Symptoms experienced by humans after being exposed to the bacteria can be known from 12 hours to 5 days. Characteristics that are easily recognized that the red-brown lumps that swell with swelling. Bumps turn into blisters and harden, then break off and pull out the clear liquid, forming a black scab, lymph nodes in the affected area may swell, the patient had a fever, muscle pain, headache, nausea and vomiting. If not treated immediately, can result in death, as happened in Europe in the 1970s and then.

3. Toxoplasmosis (cat)

Furthermore toxsoplasmosis disease. The disease is feared by women because it can cause infertility or cause miscarriage when is pregnant. Babies born with the condition cacatpun can also be caused by this disease.

Toxoplasmosis disease spread by animals cats nations, such as jungle cats, tigers, to domestic cats. Transmission to humans through four ways, accidentally ingesting food or drink that has been contaminated toxoplasama, consuming food derived from meat that contains the parasite toxopalsma and not cooked completely, or partially cooked, infectious disease that is transmitted through the placenta to the baby in the womb mothers were pregnant, and the last is through blood transfusion.

For that every pregnant women are advised to stay away from pets, such as cats, dogs, or other animals yng likely in conditions such as toxoplasmosis.

4. Leptospirosis (rat)

The disease is caused by a type of bacteria attack all kinds of animals including humans. Organs most favored by the bacteria to thrive are the kidneys and reproductive organs. Transmission of the disease originated from the wounds open and contaminated with urine or liquid from the left mouse reproductive organs. Even food or drink can cause infections discredited in the body.

Other animals can transmit this terrible disease are dogs, cats, tigers, raccoons, squirrels. Leptospirosis in animals may occur many months. Whereas in humans only lasted 60 days.

Symptoms are easily observed when infected with this disease is to turn red urine due to kidney patients experienced bleeding. In addition to the head will experience tremendous pain, depression, weakness. The scary thing is till now there is no vaccine for human leptospirosis, which is available only for animals.

5. Tularemia (rabbit)

Due to the recent animal disease tularemia. The disease is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Humans will develop the disease if direct contact with an infected animal tularemia, or eating meat that is not cooked thoroughly, or flea bites animals. Rabbit is an animal source of this disease.

Tularemia can cause serious respiratory problems. Infected people can also develop pneumonia and chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Symptoms usually occur three hinga 7 days after entry of germs. Injury occurs in the membrane or skin with swelling. And rupture of the lymph nodes in the area accompanied by high fever, severe headache feeling, enlarged liver and spleen. In some cases, the disease can affect the lungs, digestive tools, or the lining of the eye.

It is suggested that if you will keep the rabbit, you should prepare extra attention to hygiene and healthy food pemberikan, because if we ignore it, this dangerous disease can kill you.

That disease was imported animals. If you are a pet, you should never neglect his health. Give extra attention, especially in their hygiene problems. Because may be, from their disease stalking you.

Fat cells also Need Sleep

Sleeping at night is not only beneficial for the brain to rest, but also fat cells. If you lack sleep, your fat cells can be damaged and not responding well energy metabolism. As a result, you gain weight and are more prone to diabetes and other diseases. Thus the conclusion of the study Matthew Brady of the University of Chicago and his colleagues on the relationship between energy balance and sleep deprivation.

"Just like when you're groggy from lack of sleep, it was lack of sleep also makes your fat cells are metabolically giddy," said Matthew Brady, a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago.

For the purposes of the study volunteers they recruited seven healthy, slim and young with an average age of 24 years. They spent four consecutive nights to sleep 4.5 hours and 8 hours. The amount of food they are set the same in both the experimental approach and tightly controlled.
Decreased insulin response

After a sleep experiment, participants underwent an intravenous glucose tolerance test that showed sensitivity to insulin. The result, after a short night's sleep that their body responds to insulin significantly worse. Insulin response decreased by an average of 16 percent when participants were sleep deprived, compared to when they sleep eight hours. In particular, a protein called Akt1 be 30 percent less active in the fat cells of participants who were sleep deprived.

"Just to sleep 4.5 hours for four nights was enough to make them ripen metabolic age 10 to 20 years," Brady said.

Many people think that fat is the source of the problem, whereas fat has important benefits. Body fat serves as an energy reserve, which store energy and release it as needed.

"For energy storage, fat cells are converted into fatty acids and lipids. If the fat cells do not respond effectively to insulin, lipids absorbed into the circulation and cause serious complications, "said Brady. In the long term, sleep deprivation would constantly disrupt energy balance that leads to diabetes, obesity and other health problems.
Quick hungry

Decreased sensitivity also have other side effects because fat cells normally produce insulin in response to leptin. "Leptin is known as an anti-hunger hormone," says Brady. "If the cells less sensitive to insulin, they become easy hunger, causing long-term weight gain in those affected."

Furthermore, the researchers said it would try to sleep intervention to help obese patients improve their sleep, which could potentially reduce their weight.

"If you improve sleep quality and duration of sleep, you might be able to help someone who has a metabolic disorder and correct it only through the intervention of sleep," said Brady.