Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beware Disease Gastric Acid

If you're used to eating foods that are spicy, oily, too acidic, or even often too late to eat, then the disease can lurk your stomach acid. If the disease stomach acid already happened to you, treat it immediately, before the disease becomes more severe.

Disorders of the stomach is increased production of stomach acid better known as ulcer disease is a disease that can not be underestimated. Although impressed mild disease, but if the disease stomach acid is too often have it, over time can also cause stomach cancer. Many patients with gastric cancer who failed to be cured, and eventually died.

In general, people assume that the emergence of the disease because stomach acid is too late to eat or eat irregularly. In fact, there are some other things to trigger excess acid reflux, including:
  • Poor food intake (eating foods that are acidic, spicy, drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee)
  • Stress. Stress is one of the causes of various diseases, so it is not just a disease of stomach acid alone. Therefore, when a person experiences stress, the body's auto-immune will decline, so that all kinds of diseases can easily enter the body.
  • The use of drugs for weight loss. In some drugs, there are substances that can damage the stomach acid. Because it should reduce the consumption of drugs, because in addition to gastric acid disease, liver disease can lurk.
  • Smoking. Inside the rooms, there are many substances that can damage the body's organs, especially the stomach. In addition to gastric acid will be exposed to the disease, other diseases more berbahayapun could descend.

Within a reasonable level, patients can be cured of stomach acid by eating ulcer drug available in pharmacies and drug stores. Usually the drug is taken or chewed one hour before meals. But for people with chronic ulcer disease, your doctor or other medical treatment is needed to help the recovery and neutralizing the excess stomach acid. Actually treat stomach acid with medical drugs, if done for many years will cause complications of other diseases. For example, liver disease or kidney disease. Therefore treatment should be done the traditional way, so that the long-term effects of treatment can be reduced or even no side effects.

Symptoms of Gastric Acid

Symptoms of stomach acid for early stage patients usually experience bloating, nausea, belching and feel full faster. Followed by sores in the stomach, dizziness, headaches / migraines, vomiting and even diarrhea. There are also symptoms that are not recognized by the patient as a bitter taste in the mouth. Bitter taste is caused by excessive stomach acid up into the esophagus that push sometimes arise sour or bitter taste in the throat and mouth.

The Recommended Healthy Lifestyle

To prevent recurrence of the disease and reduce stomach acid, then do a healthy lifestyle as below:
  • Try to eat regularly, and avoid foods or drinks high stomach acid triggers (food that is too spicy, sour, fatty, too sweet, too much coffee, soda, liquor)
  • Avoid things that can cause stress, because stomach acid is also closely associated with stress. Trying to live a more relaxed and organized.
  • Eating turmeric, ginger, honey, garlic, aloe vera meat plants to reduce excess stomach acid.
  • When the stomach feels sore, try every 2-3 hours the stomach is filled with food, but do not get too full.
  • If smoke should quit smoking, but if not, reduce smoke. Because there is a substance in a cigarette that are harmful to the body.
Diseases of stomach acid is indeed difficult to cure, but the rate can be reduced kekronisannya. It might look better, but a time will recur. Have a regular diet and a healthy lifestyle. Especially do not underestimate your stomach acid disease, because the disease has underestimated the danger in case of repeated and chronic.

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