Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Ways to Prevent Stomach Acid

Preventing gastric acid to avoid diseases of stomach acid, or often called heartburn. Diseases of stomach acid itself is a disease caused by excess stomach acid in the stomach that causes irritation or sores in the mucous membranes of the stomach.

Conditions increased levels of stomach acid is very disturbing. This occurs when expenditures (secretion) excessive acid in the gastric glands. When secretion occurs more than usual, the chest will feel hot or often called heartburn. Consumption of spicy foods often be the trigger, but it let the stomach empty for a long time was a major trigger for the disease of stomach acid.

So you do not suffer diseases of stomach acid, to know how to easily prevent stomach acid, such as:

Avoid soda and caffeine
In the meantime, you should avoid the consumption of soft drinks and caffeine. Both trigger the production of stomach acid. Drinking only herbal tea or warm milk instead.

Warm water
Increase consumption of warm water. Drink a glass of warm water every morning after waking up.

Consumption of fruit
Some fruit-buahn can prevent stomach acid, diantaralah are bananas, watermelon, and cucumber. Better get used to eating fruits daily.

Time to eat before bed
We recommend that you eat two or three hours before bedtime. This is to reduce the risk of excessive gastric acid secretion. In addition to preventing stomach acid, eating before bed can also lead to obesity if done too often.

Do not be put off eating
Distances are long between meals also trigger stomach acid. You should not put off eating. Better food consumption in small amounts but more often than eating a very long distance.

Chewing gum
Try chewing gum to stimulate saliva production (saliva). Saliva helps move food through the esophagus and can relieve heartburn.

Ginger is very effective to relieve digestive problems. You can consume ginger in cooking, powder or capsule.


  1. Stomach acid is something that is curable. Digestion problems such as regurgitation, stomach gas and constipation are easily curable. Banana is a good cure for stomach acid and heartburn.

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