Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Maintain Liver Organ To stay healthy

LIVER is an organ that is involved in maintaining a healthy body. These organs filter the blood work from the gastrointestinal tract, before passing the blood throughout the body. In addition, the organ is also mematobolisme detoxify chemicals and drugs.

Considering the importance of the function of the liver, it helps maintain heart health in a sustainable manner. How ? Here are some steps that can be your guide:
Do not eat when not hungry

Most people are accustomed to eating three meals a day at regular hours, regardless they are hungry or not. It would be better if you adjust your eating habits with hunger. If you used to eat when not hungry on a regular basis, your heart will work harder and will basically wear faster.

Increase consumption of filtered water

Water helps cleanse the liver and kidneys to help lose weight. Frequently drink small amounts of water to prevent shrinkage of the body's cells. People who consume less water higher risk of dementia.

Avoid consumption of large amounts of sugar

Try to limit your intake of sugar, especially refined sugars. Because the liver will convert sugar into fat and cholesterol. Fat can lead to organ damage. In addition, the fat will be taken to areas such as thighs, buttocks and stomach to be stored. In the end, triglyceride levels become too high. Elevated levels of triglycerides associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels).

Try to avoid artificial sweeteners

This sweetener is toxic to the liver and can cause hypoglycemia and fatigue. If you have to eat something sweet, choose fresh fruit, fruit that has been dried or honey.

Chew food slowly

Be sure to chew food slowly and until smooth. Because digestion begins when food fused with saliva in the mouth. With aging, the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is often not enough to digest protein efficiently. This can be relieved by drinking a small glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar when eating foods that contain protein.

Note gut health
Liver must filter and destroy bacteria and viruses that exist in the food. Too many nasty organisms, such as salmonella or shigella bacteria, it will make you sick and trigger permanent liver damage. To reduce this risk, make sure to consume only fresh foods and avoid heating food repeatedly. Never reheat food more than once. Also, do not forget to wash your hands before eating.

Do not eat when stressed or anxious
In times of stress or anxiety, blood flow diverted from the intestine and liver to other body areas.

Avoid constipation

Avoid constipation (constipation) in a way to increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink water throughout the day. By avoiding constipation, you can prevent the grow

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