Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do not underestimate Stomach Acid, Can Trigger Cancer

Many people who see eye hospital because of stomach acid increases. Although gastric acid the body needs but if high levels can cause ulcers.

According to doctors at the RSCM, Ari Fachrial Sham ignored if stomach acid will eventually lead to cancer.

"If the bitter mouth, chest pain, discomfort around the solar plexus, stomach acid symptom was high," said Ari in RSCM, Jakarta, Monday (09/07/2012).

According to Ari, if this is allowed acid contained in the stomach will rise into the esophagus. Esophageal acid exposure can be injured and damaged.

"Cells in the body are constantly changing, if anything could be exposed to cancer, including esophageal exposure to acid from the stomach," said Ari.

To that end, Ari said the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But if we had been experiencing stomach acid rises, the physician must be addressed, and the need to take medication. In addition, we need to control your weight, and do not underestimate the symptoms.

"Early detection we are still low, plus the lack of treatment. So keep lifestyle, such as eating less fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco consumption," he said.


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